We love riding bikes

Can you see it in our faces? ;)


Founder & Guide

Loves: Exploring & traditional pubs.

Rides: Light Blue Trinity.



Loves: Theatres & acting.

Rides: Pashley Princess Sovereign



Loves: Travel & amazing mustaches.

Rides: Boris Bike



Loves: Jazz music & fine dining.

Rides: Raleigh Chiltern

Our Story

Its all about having fun.
So how did it all begin...?

Jack - “The idea first came about in the winter of 2010. A friend and I biked around London researching safe cycle routes and interesting historical sites.

“A few months later the concept of Tally Ho! had come together and we launched in the Spring of 2011.

“London is an amazing city. I find the layers of history and culture fascinating. The bicycle is by far the easiest and most fun way of discovering it.

“We take people on easygoing guided bicycle rides of London. Along the way we stop for history and tales at famous sites and lesser known curiosities.

There may also be a pint in an award wining ale pub, or lunch at a market as well."

"Our bicycles are all handmade in England by Pashley in a traditional style; think wicker baskets, big 'ding dong' bells, and sprung leather saddles.

“Our rides appeal to locals and visitors alike and we love to help people gain confidence to cycle in London.”

Tally Ho! has a superb range of pedal powered vehicles to choose from, including Pashley Princess, Pashley Roadster, Pashley Britannia, Pashley Poppy, Pashley Guvnor, Pashley Parabike and Pashley Tandem models.